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I highly recommend all of Teepa's DVDs

I found this info very helpful. It came at just the right time. My husband has had dementia for at least 10 years and I have found all the Teepa Snow DVDs to be the most helpful in understanding what is happening to him and how to react to him in the best way. I want him to be as happy as this disease will let him be, and helping both of us stay calm has been a huge help. I highly recommend all of Teepa's DVDs.

Lisa M.
Family Caregiver

The students love them

I am an R.N. who teaches Nursing Assistant classes... The Teepa Snow DVDs provide excellent information about the types of dementia and how to handle the challenging behaviors associated with them. The students love them. I highly recommend these for professional training and for people dealing with dementia in their family member.

Jane S.
Registered Nurse and Trainer