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Caring for a person living with late stage dementia requires special skills and knowledge.

To simplify learning, we have created a series of Mini Courses that focus on one topic at a time.

Explore these brief but in-depth courses, based on

Teepa Snow's "Positive Approach to Care" principles and philosophy. 

What are Mini Courses?

Mini Courses are online, self-study programs that give you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. 

How are the Mini Courses structured?

  • Section 1: Familiarize yourself with "Positive Approach to Care" (PAC) principles & philosophy
  • Section 2: Review of considerations for the specific care task
  • Section 3: Video - Watch & observe Teepa Snow use PAC care skills
  • Section 4: Now that you have seen Teepa use the skills, review the considerations from step 2 again to increase your likelihood of remembering them when needed. Reinforce the information you just learned with a brief and simple quiz.

Why are some parts of the course repeated ?

We promise, we're not looking to bore you! Because these courses are so in-depth and focused on one topic, it requires review & repetition to truly acquire these new skills. Science has shown over and over again that in order to learn something new, a person has to be exposed to a concept multiple times and use or envision using the steps. 

To ensure the greatest benefit to the learner, these new Mini Courses use a structure that familiarizes the learner with a concept, and then reviews the same ideas and skills several times. To reinforce the newly laid concepts, each Mini Courses ends with a brief and simple quiz.