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Early-Stage Dementia – 3 DVD Bundle


Do you have a loved one or resident in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia? Then this DVD bundle is the perfect starting point for you.

Learn more about the disease, what to expect as it progresses, which important legal and financial documents you don’t want to miss having in place, and how to best communicate with the person living with dementia to protect your relationship throughout this challenging journey.

This DVD Bundle includes:

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Video Previews

Communicating with a Person Living with Dementia (from "It's All In Your Approach")

Alzheimer's Dementia & Driving (from "Progression of Dementia")

Alzheimer's & Vision Loss (from "The Journey of Dementia")

“I tried my best to care for my mom with dementia, but after seeing Teepa I realized that there is a lot I simply didn’t know.
I understand my mom much better now, and I feel so much more confident in my care for her. Thank you Teepa for helping me reconnect with my mom.”

“I wish I had known this earlier” is the most common response of caregivers that see Teepa Snow for the first time.
Learn with Teepa now and experience how the right approach can make all of the difference.


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