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Progression of Dementia: Seeing Gems – Not Just Loss
with Teepa Snow (Online Video)


In “Progression of Dementia” Teepa explains
– how to tell apart different disease states* to better adapt your caregiving techniques
– why patients in later stages can’t relax their muscles and how to safely handle them to avoid bruising
– how to reduce the risk of falls
– how to safeguard your relationship with the patient as the disease progresses
– how to reduce unwanted behaviors by controlling the environment and effectively shifting their focus
– about appropriate activities (for an in depth activity program also see “Filling the Day with Meaning”) 

Program Features:
– 2 hours of tips and techniques from a seasoned caregiving expert
– individual workshop chapters for quick access
– link to downloadable presentation slides for quick information recall when you’re on the go

Run Time: Approx. 117 minutes

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Alzheimer's Dementia & Driving

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*In 2016, Positive Approach® to Care (PAC), made the decision to change our wording from stages of dementia to states of dementia. The reasoning for this is that dementia is an ever changing condition, and many internal and external factors can affect a person’s GEMS® state in a given moment. This video was recorded before that switch, so you will hear Teepa say “stages of dementia”, and while all of the information is still accurate, we want you to be aware that there has been a change in wording.


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with Teepa Snow (Online Video)”