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The Journey of Dementia
DVD with Teepa Snow


In “Journey of Dementia” Teepa explains how to
– make the most of doctor’s visits
– get proper screenings to determine the stage of the disease and the best level-appropriate care
– look for vital legal and financial documents that need to be prepared before the disease progresses
– give the best possible support during emergencies
– determine when and if facility placement is the best choice
– find the best End of Life care
– about appropriate activities (for an in depth activity program also see “Filling the Day with Meaning”)

DVD Features:
– 3 hours of tips and techniques from a seasoned caregiving expert
– individual workshop chapters for quick access
– link to downloadable presentation slides for quick information recall when you’re on the go

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Product Description

Video Previews

Alzheimer's & Vision Loss

What is Dementia? Part 1

What is Dementia? Part 2

“I tried my best to care for my mom with dementia, but after seeing Teepa I realized that there is a lot I simply didn’t know.
I understand my mom much better now, and I feel so much more confident in my care for her. Thank you Teepa for helping me reconnect with my mom.”

“I wish I had known this earlier” is the most common response of caregivers that see Teepa Snow for the first time.
Learn with Teepa now and experience how the right approach can make all of the difference.


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DVD with Teepa Snow”