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with JoAnn Westbrook and Valerie Feurich

This is the Dementia Caregiver Talkshow, a podcast to help you navigate the senior care maze. Learn and laugh with us as we discuss creative solutions and ideas to common and uncommon dementia care challenges, and how to make sense of the senior care industry and options when you're not a professional.


Episode 22: Holiday Tips for Dementia

Length: 22 minutes

Episode 21: Reducing Dangers for Seniors in the Home

Length: 29 minutes

Episode 20: Bathing and Dementia: Overcoming Resistance

Length: 28 minutes

Episode 19: Memory Care Options - What You Need to Know

Length: 29 minutes

Episode 18: Recognizing Changes in Intimate Relationships with Teepa Snow     (Part 2)

Length: 19 minutes

Episode 17: Recognizing Changes in Intimate Relationships with Teepa Snow and Linn Possell

Length: 18 minutes

Episode 16: Hospital Stays and Dementia

Length: 27 minutes

Episode 15: Lewy Body Dementia - Why Misdiagnosis is Dangerous


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Length: 30 minutes

Episode 14: Stages of Dementia - How to Focus on the Positives

Length: 32 minutes

Episode 13: Thirteen Creative Ways to Reduce Sundowning

Length: 24 minutes

Episode 12: Top Five Tips If You Think Something Is Wrong

Length: 19 minutes

Episode 11: How to Solve Dementia Care Challenges with Creativity

Length: 22 minutes

Episode 10: What You Need to Know About Frontotemporal Dementias

Length: 24 minutes

Episode 9: How to Recognize Alzheimer's Disease (Part 2)

Length: 19 minutes

Episode 8: How to Recognize Alzheimer's Disease (Part 1)

Length: 21 minutes

Episode 7: Vascular Dementia - Are You At Risk?

Length: 26 minutes

Episode 6: How and Why You Want to Recognize Different Types of Dementia

Length: 41 minutes

Episode 5: Why You Need to Stay Healthy As A Caregiver And How to Do It

Length: 38 minutes

Episode 4: Why You Want to Get A Good and Complete Diagnosis

Length: 23 minutes

Episode 3: Dementia vs. Normal Aging

Length: 18 minutes

Episode 2: Safeguarding Relationships in Dementia Care

Length: 28 minutes

Episode 1: Welcome to the Dementia Caregiver Talkshow

Length: 12 minutes

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